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Almex, a company of Javin, Almex is a Game Studio currently in production of there first game, Side Runner, learn more about Side Runner at https://www.siderunner.net/

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Side Runner

Early 2022

Taking a turn for the best, Side Runner is a game in the works, this game will be a very fun 3D Shooter, based on 2 companies, Goliath And Dawn, They both have factories that manufacture Gaurd Robots, these robots are programmed to protect there owner, the CEO of Goliath coded his bots to think that hes being attacked at all times by Dawn, after all of these battles, Sidetopia had to be evacuated, but there is still many militias, you can choose to be Goliath Or Dawn.

Motor Mania

Late 2023

With stunning visuals, Motor Mania is a multiplayer racing game, with levels to complete with friends, its a very good speedrunning challenge, earning credits after every level, you can become rich and have every car in the game with a lot of work.

Next Level

Mid 2025

This game is Next Level, it has infinite levels, you can create your own or it will make a random one for you, Next Level is a parkour game revolved around learning tricks, with 300 tricks to learn, you can combo them yourself to create stunning moves.



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